ProAir as alternative for Ventolin

Do you want to save money on your Asthma Inhalers? If the answer is yes then you should definitely keep on reading as we are about to reveal how you can save money on the most popular inhaler brand Ventolin from GSK.

We all know the big pharma only cares about themselves. Fat bonuses for the top management, luxury conferences, bribing doctors it is all common practice.

That’s why it is crucial you should buy generic drugs instead of brand drugs, because by doing this you are supporting the pharmaceutical companies that produce generic drugs and not the big pharma which is robbing consumers from their hard earned salary.

Normally Ventolin (brand) is very expensive, however we found an online pharmacy where you can buy generic ventolin online for only 27 USD while it contains the exact same amount and quality of Salbutamol.

However there is another generic version of Ventolin which is called “ProAir” and this is an even cheaper variant of the generic ventolin, only costing 15 USD per inhaler online. Buy proair inhalers online

Does this mean that Proair is of less quality than Ventolin? No absolutely not. Price is not a good factor for quality. Of course if you are a severe asthma patient we would definitely recommend to. try both Generic Ventolin and Proair and see if your body has a specific preference and if not, than simply go for the cheaper version as affordable medicines are a human right for every person on this planet, at this is what we believe and that’s why we make this Asthma Inhaler blog.

So if you want to save money on your asthma medications and inhalers, we definitely can recommend using a mail order pharmacy instead of your local pharmacy. On top of that, always buy generic drugs and if you use Ventolin / Salbutamol than you should definitely try ProAir as it is the cheapest version of Ventolin and available for a very cheap price online.